Prof. Konstantia Gourzi – Komponistin und Dirigentin, Künstlerische Leitung opus21musikplus

Konstantia Gourzi studied composition and conducting in Athens and Berlin. She can frequently be seen in the double role of composer, and conductor of a concert. Her artistic and musical wish is to make connections – as a composer, between traditional and contemporary sound worlds; as a conductor with new conceptual emphases.

Her work as a composer includes opera, film music, works for musical theatre, orchestra, numerous solo pieces, and chamber music. She has been commissioned by the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, the Lucerne Festival, the hr-Sinfonieorchester, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Nils Mönkemeyer, François Leleux, and the Heath, Minguet und Signum Quartets. Always searching for new performance concepts for contemporary music, Konstantia Gourzi has initiated concert series, and has also followed the example of her mentor Claudio Abbado and founded various ensembles such as attacca berlin, ensemble echo, ensemble oktopus and opus21musikplus.

Supporting young musicians is also very important to her, and her former students can be found in all important European contemporary music ensembles. Konstantia Gourzi’s recordings on NEOS, Sony and ECM, as composer and as a conductor, enjoy international acclaim.


Dr. Dr. Norbert Banik, Managing Director

Norbert Banik grew up in Dresden where he also finished his studies in Technical Acoustics and Measurement Technique. Subsequently he lived in Cologne, Hamburg and since 2002 in Munich. He finished postgraduate studies in Bio-Mathematics and Epidemiology and gained doctoral degrees in Applied Statistics (Humboldt University, Berlin) and in Human Biology (University of Cologne). He has been working in medical research as a Biostatistician and Epidemiologist for more than 20 years. Since 2012 he is Managing Director of a German medium-sized consulting and contract research organisation with offices in Munich.
As an enthusiast of all kinds of music he became engaged also in contemporary music already in his late adolescence. In addition to his strong interests in arts in general, taking photographs forms the most important part of his activities (

Julian Merkle, Projektkoordination

Julian Merkle studied music pedagogy (high school level) and music journalism at the University for Music and performing Arts Munich. As a singer and violinist he has worked with numerous ensembles and choirs throughout Germany. He has collected his practical experience in music management during his university studies, and also through the founding of his own artist agency. Since 2009, he has been working for Bavarian Radio and Stiftung Zuhören on a freelance basis.

opus21musikplus – Mitwirkende seit 2007

Violin: Anna Brunnlechner, Alexander Gilman, Florian Glas, Anna-Maija Hirvonnen, Gregor Hübner, Linda Jankowska, Sonja Korkeala, Nicolas Lorschy, Hélène Marchaux, Julian Merkle, Margarita Nastouli, Miltiades Papastamou, Georgios Panagiotidis, Agnes Pusker, Lisa Schatzmann, Susanne Schmidt, Elisabeth Urban, Felix Weber
Viola: Bettina Bachofer, Véronique Bastian, Marta Dachowska, Hyunwook Kang, Evi Kegelmaier, Nils Mönkemeyer, Julie Risbet, Nanako Tsuij, Wen-Xiao Zheng
Cello: Mara Dufter, Ella Jarrige, Anna Khubashvili, Mareike Kirchner, Anja Lechner, Benjamin Santora
Double Bass: Yuval Atlas, Kitae Bae, Gustavo Brinholi, Dine Doneff, Stefan Eisner, Sebastian Gieck,  Michael Nestler, Michael Schönfelder, Daniel Pytel
Flute: Bruno Jouard, Johanna Kapaj, David Simon
Oboe: Gabriel Insuasty, Hideki Machida, Yehyun Kim, Jonathan Blake Ryan, Miriam Ströher
Clarinet: Susanne Besold, Yvonne Böhm, Vaeceslav Cernavca, Jin-Hee Lee, Sofija Molchanova, Dörte Sehrer
Trumpet: Thoms Berg, Aljoscha Zierow
Trombone: Balint Garaczi
Matthieu Bordenave, Olena Savka, Vanja Sedlak
Horn: Svenja Hartwig, Christian Fath, Isabel Krechlak, Christoph Lutz, Irakli Zarandashvili
Accordion/Bajan: Konstantin Ischenko
Helen Leitner, Olivia Neuhauser, Sophia Steckeler, Stella Farina
Dulcimer: Tobias Vogel
Tarhu/Ney/Saz: Michalis Cholevas
Ney: Harris Lambrakis
Lyra: Vassilis Agrokostas
Baglama / Duduk: Özgür Ersoy
Florian Eickhölter, Alexander Glöggler, Thomas Hastreiter, Christoph Hobmair, Philipp Jungk, Benedikt Kurz, Stefan Landes, Kana Omori, Angelos Polychronou, Richard Putz, Jan Westermann
Piano: Maria Baptist, Henri Bonamy, Christian Elsässer, Minas Koutsambasopoulos, Jérome Polack; Daniel Stratievsky, Anna Valiulina
Singers: Vassilis Agrokostas, Claudia Barainsky, Aco Biscevic, Ayoub Bout, Frauke Burg, Brigitte Bayer, Julia Chalfin, Stella Doufexis, Susanne Drexl, Anja Eisenreich, Demos Flemotomos, Ulrike Malotta, Joan Orleans, Katharina Preuß, Brock Roberts, Raphael Sigling, Dorothea Spilger, Stanislava Stoycheva, Anna Stylianaki
Actors: Jakob Arnold, Joachim Aßfalg, Olaf Becker, Nicole Ditscher, Frank Friesch, Benjamin Jorns, Katharina Kieslinger, Markus Schmädicke
Speakers: Bernd Redmann, Wolfgang Mastnak
Compositions commissioned from:  Sinem Altan, Amos Elkana , Konstantia Gourzi, Giorgios Koumendakis, Masayuki Nakaji, Enjott Schneider
Sound collage: Minas Borboudakis
Direction: Nilufar K. Münsing, Martina Veh
Dramaturgy: Esther von der Fuhr, Ljuba Avvakumova
Choreography: Hans-Henning Paar, Anna Ressel, Claudia Schmidtpeter
Stage design / Costumes: Alexander Polzin
Costums: Yvonne Charitoniduo
Light: Wieland Müller-Haslinger
Make-up: Julia Wolfrum
Associated Colleagues
Musical assistance: Maria Benyumova, Henri Bonamy, Michi Kaszas, Jérôme Polak, Eva Pons, Daniel Stratiewsky, Neil Valenta,
Workshop leaders, education programme: Maharani Chakrabarti, Anna Huhn, Julian Merkle, Claudia Schmidtpeter
Typesetting: Volker Nickel
Photography: Norbert Banik, Achim Happel, Claudia Körnig, Birgit Weiss
Graphic design: Michael Stahl
Video reportage: Karnik Gregorian, Achim Happel, Felix Hentschel, Markus Valley, Michael Zöllner
Editorial staff : Frizz Lauterbach, Julian Merkle
PR: Quintessenz, Monika Csampai